Fun, excitement, adrenaline and stunning nature, canyoning offers you all of this and much more.


Trekking through narrow canyons, diving into cool turquoise waters, natural waterslides, beautiful waterfalls. Canyoning is an action trip that will awake your senses and revive your soul.


Although more challenging then white water rafting it is still suitable for most guests and requires only average fitness. This tour involves trekking through 2 different but equally spectacular canyons, enjoying swimming, diving (optional), waterslides and natural jacuzzi. The canyoning course is 1km long, 750m on foot and 250m by raft out of the canyon and takes 1 hour 30 minutes to complete. The canyoning finish point is also the rafting starting point and you will continue down the river on your white water rafting trip. Check out our video below and see for yourself, we can promise you an amazing and unforgettable adventure.



Add canyoning to your rafting trip for just €10 extra.

Total €40 for Canyoning and Rafting.


It is not necessary to be a good swimmer as you will be wearing a lifejacket and helmet and accompanied by professional and experienced guides, and there is no difficult climbing involved.


Top Tips!


You will need non-slip shoes for canyoning and rafting. Flip flops or sandals are not safe but if you do not have suitable shoes with you we sell these shoes at the restaurant and there are 2 quality types to choose from. The cheaper shoes are €5 and the good quality are €10. For canyoning we recommend the better quality shoes. We have all sizes available and afterwards they are very useful for pebble/rocky beaches or other water sports.


There are wetsuits available if you choose to use them and this is also included in the price. In the hot summer months it is better not to use a wetsuit.


It is not safe to take cameras into the canyon or on the rafts, but we make a professional DVD of your day and also have a CD of photos which you the option to purchase at the end of your trip.


All valuables can be left on the bus while you are rafting and the bus will remain locked until you return. Any drinks or snacks can be paid for at the end of your trip.


You should take a towel and a change of clothing for after you finish as you will get very wet. Clean toilets and changing cabins are available for your comfort.




• Guests must be 5 years or older

• Guests must notify their guide about any health problems before the start.

• Guests must not take any metal accessories (earrings, necklaces etc.)

• Guests must wear not-slip shoes ( Special rafting shoes are for sale in BLUE Rafting shop )

• Guests must not be pregnant







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